Edinburgh Council Creates “Digital Scrapbook”

Apr 29, 2015

The City of Edinburgh Council has launched a “digital scrapbook” as a means of sharing memories of citizens and places from past and presents.

Called ‘Edinburgh Collected’, the online service aims to give both local people and anyone around the world with a fondness for the city the opportunity to make their photographs part of the city’s heritage collection.

Users are able to share pictures of family, friends, the city and holiday photos as well as personal memories on the website.

Images shared on Edinburgh Collected are open available to be viewed and shared via social media and includes both historical and current pictures.

The photos will be saved for the future and expand existing collections held online and in the capital’s libraries and museums.

The project is jointly funded by the City of Edinburgh Council and innovation charity Nesta which aims to help people and organisations bring “great ideas” to life.

“Edinburgh Collected is a unique way in which to see the city through a different view, through other people’s eyes and the selections that have been uploaded so far are fantastic,” claimed Councillor Richard Lewis, Culture and Sport Convener at the City Council.

“Central Library already holds the largest public collection about Edinburgh in existence and this new project is a modern way of perfectly complementing it.

“The Capital Coalition is committed to preserving the heritage of the city and ensuring that people continue to access a rich resource of quality material,” he added.

Nesta “Invaluable”

Meanwhile, Edinburgh’s Digital Champion Councillor Frank Ross has welcomed the creation of the digital scrapbook.

“Edinburgh Collected is an innovative way of creating history using technology. Nesta – through the Open Data Scotland project – gave us invaluable help in making this possible and has been an ideal example of how using open data can really enhance the work that we do,” he claimed.

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