DWP Requires Digital Services For Single Tier Beta

Apr 25, 2014

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is seeking additional digital services capabilities to help it build the beta face of the Single Tier Programme’s (STP) digital ability.

The STP is a replacement for existing basic and additional state pensions with a flat-rate state pension.

Its overarching objective in its beta phase is to build a minimum viable product so that the Department can test the service in a live environment.

A tender has been issued noting that DWP is looking for a variety of digital services such as software engineering with continual support, front-end and interaction design, system administration and web operations, agile delivery management and embedding agile capability.

“[The Department] has reinforced an agile project culture into the team to allow the design and build of digital public services to become part of business as usual,” claims the notice.

“The high level requirement of the beta phase is to build the minimum service possible to effectively test the core processes it involves.

“We will then iterate the service, based on user behaviour and what we understand to be the user needs beyond the minimum product. The beta phase will see us ready to test the service in a live environment with real claimant and agents,” it added.

Security Must Be Included

According to the tender, the minimal viable product developed will need to use emerging identity and security systems to validate customer identity.

The next phase will see the addition of more complex customer cases and rules, more identity management, as well as building interfaces between the new STP core IT solution and existing legacy systems.

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