DWP Exemplar Sees 80% Improvement In 80 Days

Jul 15, 2015

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has seen an 80% performance improvement in 80 days for one its digital exemplar services, Carer's Allowance.  

The digital Carer's Allowance allows people to collect their benefit for looking after family members with substantial care needs.  

According to DWP, the service now has an overall user satisfaction rate of 90% after work was done to address some issues the system was having.  

The Department has a vast IT estate: its pensions, disability services, working age benefits, child maintenance and Universal Credit technology is used annually to pay £165bn for seven million claims and these services must run at 100% up time.  

These IT systems are used 90,000 staff across 950 locations along with 22 million citizens and yet have not been updated for decades.  

They have also been designed in isolation which led to integration issues on top of other problems caused by using such aging technology.  

Identifying And Solving Tech Issues 

In the past 80 days, DWP teams have worked to achieve what they are claiming is an 82% productivity increase as a result of solving outstanding IT issues.  

"The results speak for themselves, in the last 80 days service hours lost due to IT issues across our IT estate have plummeted by 82%. 40 top issues have been fixed," claimed Mayank Prakash, director general of the technology department at DWP.  

Prakash has also said that his team have delivered automated interfaces between two key systems, automated production of reports, reduced processing times and reduced times to log onto virtual desktops.  

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