DoH Uses SME For Collaboration Service

May 09, 2014

The Department of Health (DoH) has used G-Cloud to team up with software provider SME INOVEM to deliver a collaboration service as part of a shared services programme.

The aim is to produce a more cost-effective IT infrastructure, with better working options for staff and partner organisations.

The DoH is hoping to use the company to expand its Kahootz cloud collaboration service to organisations including NHS England, NHS Health Research Authority and the Care Quality Commission.

Under the G-Cloud call-off agreement, the DoH is able to only pay for what it actually uses as part of the contract.

This will allow the Department and related agencies to scale-up or scale-down services as and when they need.

“Our Department is actively replacing legacy business systems in favour of more flexible, cloud-based shared services for Departmental and partner operations,” claimed DoH head of ICT futures and shared services Bob Armstrong.

“The acquisition of the Kahootz cloud collaboration service, via the G-Cloud Cloudstore, will enable us to improve the way we securely share knowledge, collaborate on policy, consult with stakeholders and engage partners in our work,” he added.

Armstrong also noted that Kahootz is affordable, easy to use and provides an agile platform, claiming it meets different use cases like online project management or development workgroups.

Good News For SMEs

Meanwhile, John Glover, sales and marketing director at INOVEM claimed his company’s appointment to the DoH was good news for UK tech SMEs.

“With many legacy public sector ICT contracts coming to an end, the G-Cloud and government’s procurement reforms are providing new opportunities to SMEs like us to provide proven, robust and scalable information sharing and collaboration services to the public sector,” said Glover.




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