Digital Skills Charity Chief Wants More Collaboration

Nov 24, 2014

The CEO of digital skills charity Go ON UK wants to see more partnerships and collaborations that aim to tackle digital exclusion in the UK.

Rachel Neaman addressed the issue that there is still reportedly one in five adults in the country who lack the basic digital skills needed to use the Internet at the Tinder Foundation’s third annual digital conference.

The theme of the not-for-profit social enterprise’s event was Digital Evolution 2014: Leaving Nobody Behind.

“This isn’t a small thing or something that only affects us in this room. This is a national problem and a national disgrace,” Neaman told delegates.

“Strengthening our ability to partner and collaborate can negate many of these issues and put everyone in a stronger position,” she added.

The CEO emphasised the importance of creating a united and consistent voice on the crucial importance of digital skills.

Neaman believes partnership among those within the digital skills delivery landscape, which for many is currently viewed as being fragmented and often duplicative, is very much needed.

“Shared Problem, Shared Solution”

“A shared problem needs a shared solution – and we believe that a wide ranging alliance of cross-sector partners which pool resources, good practice, expertise, delivery and learning will be absolutely crucial in generating the type of flexible and effective response that we need if we are going to address this unique 21st century skills challenge,” the CEO claimed.

“We need to grow this partnership beyond those who already understand the issue. We need the creative industries, the thought leaders in digital and technology, as well as media and retail to see this as a major issue for them, to understand there is a huge potential market that cannot engage with their products and services,” she added.


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