Digital Marketplace Is “Evolving”

Dec 01, 2014

The government’s new Digital Marketplace, which is set to become the home of G-Cloud and the Digital Services framework, is set to include a wider range of frameworks than originally intended.

According to the Government Digital Service (GDS) Digital Marketplace blog, the one-stop procurement shop brief is expanding.

“The idea of the Digital Marketplace was initially conceived to simply replace, feature-for-feature, the existing CloudStore,” claimed Ivanka Majic, digital commercial services director.

“That is still part of what we are doing. More than this though, we are building a team that can deliver commissioning as a platform which will open up to buyers a lot more than just G-Cloud.

“We aim to bring in the Digital Services framework in the new year and we’re in conversation with two or three other frameworks that might be appropriate to support our platform thinking,” she added.

Majic also re-emphasised that the Digital Marketplace is not just a website, but a truly digital-by-default commissioning tool.

“There is so much that technology enables us to do which can reduce, remove and replace the administrative overhead of running a government procurement,” the director claimed.

“We can also begin to offer suppliers far greater visibility of what is happening on the store and with their services,” Majic added.

Revolutionary G-Cloud

The Digital Marketplace blog post also reiterates the claimed benefits of using G-Cloud.

“Without exception, all suppliers agree that G-Cloud provides an unprecedented opportunity,” claimed Majic.

“Buyers are happy to have somewhere they can buy cloud-based services that better fit with the agile nature of their projects.

“You find the service that meets your requirements. You buy it, if it doesn’t work out, you can cancel it,” she added.

If you are interested in learning more about G-Cloud, you may wish to attend Think Cloud Vendors next week. 


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