Digital Demonstrator Hub Opens In Cardiff

Apr 15, 2014

Cardiff Council has opened a new Digital Demonstrator Hub in County Hall, providing a boost for local businesses, says the government.

The digital facility, the first project of its kind in Wales, will support the local authority’s connection voucher scheme – a government-funded programme that provides small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) with vouchers worth up to £3000 to help pay for their broadband.

The discount comes as part of Whitehall’s Superfast Britain project that is investing in infrastructure and communications across the country to make the country more competitive in the global race with high-speed broadband connections.

The new site will also showcase the most recent high-spec tech, including 3D printers, touch-screen tables and conferencing facilities.

The government says this will allows businesses to get hands on experience of the new technology and equipment made possible by superfast broadband and how they can benefit from it.

To celebrate the opening of the hub, Wales Office Minister Stephen Crabb visited the site.

“Cardiff is home to a highly skilled workforce and a rich source of entrepreneurial talent, attracting investment from across the UK and around the world,” claimed Crabb ahead of his visit.

“I’m delighted to see that thanks to UK government funding, more small businesses than ever before in Cardiff can now benefit from ultra fast Internet speeds, giving them access to the very latest technology to attract more customers and drive growth,” he continued.

New Hub Boosts An Already “Digitally Connected” City

The city’s council leader, Phil Bale, also praised the move.

“Cardiff is already one of the most digitally connected cities in Britain, with a higher percentage of households able to access superfast broadband than any other major core city in the UK,” he claimed.

“This £10.2m investment will build on this position of strength, forming a core part of our ambitions to strengthen the city economy over the coming years,” he added.




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