DfT Says DVLA Needs A Faster Digital Transformation

Mar 03, 2014

A Department for Transport (DfT) review claims the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency’s (DVLA) digital transformation requires acceleration and expansion in order to achieve cost reduction and improved services.

Currently, many DVLA services are still paper based and DfT says the prerequisites for the renovation are a modern IT platform, development of staff skills and better application development and implementation.

The report made a number of suggestions for improvement, including a detailed IT transformation plan, an assisted digital strategy and a clearer ambition for the way the organisation wants to deliver online and digital services.

Roads minister Stephen Hammond claimed he was happy to accept the recommendations detailed in the review.

As a result of the study, the government says a number of changes will now be made and drivers will be able to access more DVLA services online, which are intended to be tailored more towards user needs.

“The DVLA already provides an excellent service for customers, as the review acknowledges, but we want to ensure this continues to improve,” claimed Hammond.

“These changes will mean drivers will find it easier to access more services online rather than filling out paper forms or spending valuable time on the phone.

“The review found that not every customer has the same needs and the changes will reflect this – for example by providing simpler bulk transactions for key customers such as the motor trade, fleet operators and hire companies,” he added.

However, the DfT warned there may be some issues with a digital transformation, claiming the DVLA’s track record in this area patchy due to a lack of skills and experience in key areas.

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