Data Reveals Police Procurement Must Improve

Sep 08, 2015

The amount of money Police forces across the UK are spending on various items varies wildly from force to force, a new study suggests.

According to the Home Office, more than £200m has already been saved by Police organisations in the country since 2010, but there is still much more to be done.

The government urges forces in England and Wales to work together more when buying equipment to cut the £1.7bn they spend annually.

Researchers collected data relating to the prices Police pay for 20 common items of uniform including shirts, high-visibility jackets, helmets and front lone equipment such as batons, handcuffs and vehicles.

The information has revealed that there are wide differences between forces in the amounts being spent on certain items.

For example, Avon and Somerset Police pay £10.95 per his-vis jacket, in comparison with £111.50 each at Kent Police.

Meanwhile, Northamptonshire and Staffordshire forces have been buying batons at £82.91 each, whereas South Wales have been spending just £22.99.

Helmets also seem to be an issue; although most forces are buying them for under £30, Humberside has been purchasing them for £43 each.

Police Forces Need To Act Together

“For too long the Police have approached the market in a fragmented way, buying equipment in small amounts and to varying specifications,” claimed Policing Minister Mike Penning.

“It makes no sense for forces to buy separately when money can be saved if they act together. This will help the public and Police and Crime Commissioners hold chief constables to account for how they spend taxpayers’ money and crucially, reveal potential opportunities for further savings,” he added.



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