Cyber Security Among Top Industries Competing For Skills

Nov 28, 2014

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has claimed that cyber security is one of six fast-growing industries in the UK with the potential to significantly boost the economy.

According to IET’s Ones to Watch report, cyber security is one of the top six industries in the country that is most promising and innovative, with the potential to secure the UK as a world leader.

However, the sector, along with space, robotics, 3D printing, new energy networks and food manufacturing, must act quickly to ensure skills shortages and lack of investment does not hamper its potential.

The report claims that issues may arise when each of six industries are competing against each other for the same top talent and engineers and technicians will need to train and gain new skills to continue to grow with their industries.

IDC also believes cyber security and other top tech industries need more investment than they are currently receiving if they are to survive in the future.

Ones to Watch also calls upon businesses to embed innovation in themselves much more quickly and maintain diversity.

Cyber Security Must Future-Proof Itself

“As the concept of cyber security widens out to embrace physical systems, this will be reflected in demand for engineering skills,” claimed Professor Tim Watson, director of the cyber security centre at Warwick University.

“We will need engineers with expertise that combines areas such as materials science and electromagnetism with cyber security,” he added.

“This report shows that these promising and exciting industry areas offer the UK tremendous opportunity for growth and global leadership,” claimed Nigel Fine, IET chief executive.

“We also hear straight from the horse’s mouth that the biggest barrier to that growth is meeting the need for high numbers of engineers and technicians with an increasingly transformational skillset – especially as these industries grow and new jobs are created,” he added.


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