Croydon ICT Transition Encounters Issues

Jun 04, 2014

Service outages have been experienced by users at the London Borough of Croydon after a change in suppliers.

The local authority’s IT services were due to transfer from provider Capgemini to new partner Capita Secure Information Systems early last week.

But after the port, staff found themselves unable to access emails for the majority of the week, instead having to rely on the use of their personal email accounts to conduct council business.

At the same time, Croydon residents were also left without access to transactional online services through the MyAccount platform – a system where they can pay council tax, business rates or receive benefits.

A UK public IT publication reported that this was still problematic for users two days later, but work is being done to restore services as soon as possible.

Neither Croydon or Capita has confirmed exactly what is causing the technical issues – though the council has claimed the most important thing is that customers are still able to contact it if needs be.

“This is incredibly complex and as with any move of this size there will always be some residual issues. While the majority of our systems are fully up and running, there is a small number which we are fixing at the moment,” Croydon said in an official statemenet on its IT problems.

It added that it expects the services still offline to be restored “over the next couple of days.”

Capita Won Multi-Million Pound Contract

Capita took responsibility for the council’s ICT services from Capgemini after winning a £73.5m contract in November last year.

Under the deal, the firm is expected to provide the local authority with a number of technology services, including service transition and continual service development.




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