Coventry Council To Modernise Legal Department With Civica

Mar 26, 2015

Coventry City Council has selected a supplier that will enable it to deliver a more-joined up way of working in its legal department and improve court administration efficiency.

Specialist systems and business process services provider Civica is providing the local authority with its Legal Case Management System.

The project is part of Coventry’s wider review to deliver 12.5% savings across the council over the next few years and the Civica product is set to improve court admin systems and processes and deliver effective workforce management via better integrated and more efficient working.

Civica’s Case Management System allows data to be held in one central place, enabling staff to log into the system from any location to process a legal bundle.

This leads to increased accessibility and streamlined processes and ensures effective workforce management and work-flows.

Coventry hopes to cuts costs with a reduction in printouts, reduced maintenance and licence costs and more efficient ways of working.

Civica Legal will also help the local authority meet its environmental targets.

Working Around Austerity

“Whilst austerity cuts continue, it was important that we selected an IT system that delivered multiple benefits to our legal department,” claimed legal services manager at the council Steve Horsley.

“From a tactical point of view, we’ll be able to significantly reduce the time it takes to file reports, which will improve workloads – helping us to focus our efforts elsewhere.

“We’ll also become more strategic in the way we operate, which encompasses supporting a more agile and flexible way of working. By setting up this central repository, we should be able to identify key trends to help improve management of cases and better plan for the future,” Horsley added.

Coventry City Council is not the first local authority to realise the benefits of the Civica Legal Case Management System – Rochdale Metropolitan Borough recently told 24N how the product has revolutionised its legal department.


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