Councils To Sell Property To Raise ICT Transformation Funds

Apr 04, 2014

A new £200m scheme launched by the UK government will see local authorities in the country sell property to pay for ICT improvement projects.

Details of the new programme were announced yesterday by the Department for Communities and Government and published in a set of guidelines.

Councils will now no longer be restricted by previous rules that meant they were unable to use capital receipts for revenue projects.

Local government will be able to bid for a share of the £200m fund that will grant capital flexibilities, supported by a £105m revenue grant.

The money will be allocated as part of the Transformation Challenge Fund, which has already seen a number of councils granted money to aid IT projects.

Local authorities will only be able to sell their property and other assets if the sales are additional to existing plans, the department has explained.

A Combined Effort

The documents says proposals cannot be submitted alone, so councils must apply with at least one other council, public authority, voluntary or community group or the private sector.

“We know we need to significantly improve the way that public services are commissioned, manage and delivered,” claimed Brandon Lewis MP, secretary for communities and government, in the document’s foreword.

“This means making better use of assets and expertise so that they are focused on the interests of the people they serve.

“Fundamentally, that means anything and everything from sharing managements and back office teams to co-locating services and being more open with data,” he continued.

Lewis concluded that he hopes the new changes will see some innovative and exciting proposals.




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