Computer Forensics Supplier Splits In Two

Nov 04, 2014

AccessData Group, a computer forensics provider, has announced its business will be split into two independent global companies, effective January 1st 2015.

The first business will retain the AccessData name and will focus on legal IT and eDiscovery, while the new business will be known as Resolution1 Security and will focus on cyber security and incident response.

According to the Group, the new corporate structure will allow each company to capitalise on its unique business model by delivering deeper, more focused customer engagement and support.

It is also hoped that the separation will enable each company the agility to move quickly and grow a distinct business.

AccessData and Resolution1 Security will each focus on its market dynamics and customer specific-needs while expanding technology leadership to transform the investigation and incident response markets respectively.

“AccessData has highly successful cyber security and investigations businesses,” claimed Tim Leehealey, the Group’s Chairman and CEO.

“The rapidly changing security landscape accelerated our plans to separate the two companies and aggressively pursue opportunities to extend our industry leadership.

“The split enables each company with the focus, flexibility, independence and resources to innovate and solve enterprises’ most vexing challenges,” he added.

Previously, AccessData has helped to transform the way the Royal Military Police investigates crime, as well as saving it time and money.

Introducing Resolution1 Security

The organisation claims it created Resolution1 Security in response to an unprecedented increase in advanced cyber-attacks and security incidents.

“The cyber security market has reached a critical point and Resolution1 security is at  the forefront of defining the future of incident response, named Continuous, Automated Incident Resolution (CAIR),” claimed the new firm’s CEO Brian Karney.

“Our business has grown as has the interest and adoption by major companies and enterprises. The split comes at an optimal time for our company to realise its full potential and advance incident resolution for unsurpassed response speed, certainty and incident intelligence,” he added.


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