Cloud: The Key Digital Transformation Enabler of Public Services?

Feb 29, 2016

Next month sees THINK.Cloud for Digital Government, a G-Cloud show 24n's supporting. We spoke with James Norman, Public Sector CIO one of the exhibitors, EMC, to find out what it see as the main themes of the event

So what is your company all about, James?

EMC recognises that cloud computing is integral to the digital transformation of public services to deliver them more efficiently and at lower cost. The key, we feel, is portability across cloud platforms, which EMC seeks to facilitate through our Enterprise Hybrid Cloud platform and our recent integration of Virtustream expertise, plus innovation in years of cloud-enabling business critical ERP applications, such as SAP, so as to provide customers agile and scalable solutions that can function across different cloud platforms.

Sounds interesting, but what are you offering the public sector ICT buyer in particular?

We offer a genuine choice of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions for buyers in the UK public sector to facilitate more agile and rapid transformation of public services. So the EMC Federation provides a unique combination of cloud technology innovators including EMC Information Infrastructure for IaaS and Paas, there's Virtustream for secure, highly efficient cloud solutions for mission critical applications such as SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and thousands more, and VMware vCloud Air for public cloud computing with the flexibility enabled by virtualisation.

OK great, but why this show - why THINK.Cloud for Digital Government - to discuss all this?

THINK.Cloud for Digital Government is the ideal environment in which EMC can showcase our innovative cloud technology that can help to accelerate the digital transformation of public services. I'm glad to say I'm participating on the day and articulating the unique value that EMC, Virtustream and VMware brings to delivering agile and portable cloud platforms essential to improving collaboration and secure information portability across different departments and agencies.

Sounds great! So, to sum up - why come and talk to you guys at The QE II Centre on March 22?

The EMC approach to cloud computing for the public sector is all about creating a user experience that is seamless, secure, quick and effortless. To do this it is vital to build trust, increase collaboration and use technology as the enabler to accelerating the next wave of digital transformation in Public Services. I'm inviting any and all readers of 24n.bix to come and talk to us to see why. is a media partner of THINK.Cloud For Digital Government, which is on March 22nd at The QE II conference centre in Westminster

Don't forget to book your free place at the event, if you are a qualified public sector professional, here

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