Cisco Explains Causes Behind Recent Security Breaches

Jan 12, 2015

Earlier this week we posted a video with Terence Greer-King, director for cyber security at Cisco, who gave us his insights into cyber security for business and the sectors that are most at risk.

But that wasn’t all we got out of Terence. He also offered his thoughts on the causes of some of the biggest recent security breaches that have taken up a large proportion of headlines in the past few months.

Specifically, he speaks about US retailer Target’s data breach at the beginning of the year which affected 70 million customers, and outlines how leaks, and breaches similar to it, have occurred.

He then goes on to offer some advice on what companies can do to help prevent breaches occurring and the common mistakes people are making in today’s internet-driven world.

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Author: Sam Pudwell
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