Child Protection Agency Ups Levels Of Information Security

May 29, 2015

The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass) has adopted a new a new encrypted email and file transfer solution that has official UK government accreditation.  

Cafcass will be using Egress Switch Secure Email and Egress Switch Secure File Transfer to protect and control sensitive personal data. 

The chosen solutions have CESG Pan Government Accreditation and Commercial Product Assurance so the organisation meets data protection regulations with the highest levels of information security. 

Switch Secure Email and File Transfer will allow Cafcass to send important data to third parties such as service users, local authorities and legal professionals.  

"Every year Cafcass advocates for over 140,000 children and young children in family courts through England," explained the organisation's IT change manager Jonathan Boshell.  

"The nature of this work means that we often deal with information that is sensitive and that we wouldn't want to fall into the wrong hands.  

"Measures such as secure postal services have been in place for some time now. However, we are increasingly sending information by email as this is quicker and more convenient for the families and agencies we work with and also helps us towards the government's Digital By Default standard. 

"As such, it is crucial that we are able to communicate both securely and electronically with our external recipients who are not in secure email networks. We selected Switch Secure Email and Switch Secure File Transfer to meet this need," he added.  

Ensuring Solution Is Used Correctly  

To ensure all Cafcass staff have access to the new secure email and file transfer solution, over 2000 licences have been deployed across the organisation to date.  

An education programme has also been put in place for using the new system, not just for staff at the organisation but also for the wider network of organisations that it needs to communicate with on a regular basis.  



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