Cheshire Council Uses tVolution Mini To Support Child Protection Services

Jul 13, 2015

Cheshire West and Chester Council has been using the tVolution Mini to protect sensitive information and enable multi-agency working in a bid to support child protection services.

New government guidelines in the Working Together Framework recommend that councils review how safeguarding information on adults and children is managed and shared amongst the key agencies.

To meet the new guidelines, the local authority has deployed a third party web based system which enables relevant data surrounding a child to be centrally managed by the multiple agencies involved in child protection such as Police, schools, doctors and child protection services.

The Council chose the tVolution Mini solution from information security firm Becrypt to align with government regulations around the Public Services Network (PSN) and the key principles of data security when accessing Official information from remote and third party locations.

Cheshire West and Chester worked with its in-house ICT partner CoSocious which recommended tVolution Mini after a thorough market evaluation.

The solution enables the authority’s web application to be accessed via authorised, secure logins enabling the multiple agencies involved in child protection to benefit from collaborative, timely and informed decision making based on a shared understanding of the full 360 degree view of a child.

The tVolution Mini offered an answer to the problem presented by enabling secure and fully managed access to the PSN infrastructure of each of the agencies.

It was also selected because it is practical and cost-effective as well as providing the required secure access to the system.

“The PSN guidelines dictate that access to a council’s infrastructure must only be through a secure managed endpoint,” explained Dave Hudson, CoSocious managing director.

“For Cheshire West and Chester Council this posed a real challenge for which tVolution Mini was the only solution that solved the key challenges of security, cost and usability,” he claimed.

“Smaller Than A Mobile Phone”

The tVolution Mini is a secure miniature computer smaller than a mobile phone which plugs directly into a monitor or TV and along with a keyboard, mouse and wireless access, enables user-friendly full-managed secure remote access to the local authority’s on premise infrastructure.

One device will be given to each agency user that requires secure access to the data as part of Child Protection Services.

“tVolution Mini provides us with a secure, managed endpoint that ultimately helps us to meet our safeguarding targets,” claimed Sonia Bassey of Cheshire West and Chester Council.

“We can share up to date information amongst the key parties, which helps us to act faster and protect those children who may be at risk,” Bassey added.


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