Charity Commission To Launch Delayed Online Search

Sep 16, 2014

The Charity Commission, the organisation that regulates and registers charities in England and Wales, will be launching a searchable online register of charities this autumn.

The project has been subject to a four-month delay – the creation of the register was announced in April, with intentions to be live by the end of May.

“The Commission is undertaking a number of IT-related projects. Many of these have interdependencies and as internal priorities change, some completion dates need to be altered,” the organisation told Civil Society News.

“The new online charity search has been built and we are now working on fine-tuning the jobs that transfer the data to this new tool. We anticipate being able to launch a beta version in the next few weeks,” it added.

 The search engine is set to reveal more information about charities than previously available, such as whether trustees are paid or not.

A more detailed search function that aims to enable researchers to gather more detailed information about individual charities is also in the works.

The Move To GOV.UK

The Charity Commission has recently moved over to the GOV.UK platform rather than having a website entirely its own.

This is despite the organisation’s concerns that such a move would make it difficult for people to view it as a separate entity from government – however, the Commission does not have to adopt government branding.

Last month, business software provider Advanced Exchequer urged charities and not-for-profits to implement a formal BYOD policy or risk reputational damage and IT security risks.


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