CCS Extends Network Services Framework Submission Date

Nov 25, 2014

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has reportedly extended the deadline for Network Services Framework submissions by a week until 11th December.

In October, submissions for suppliers wishing to supply services via the network went live.

Network Services is intended to replace the Public Services Network (PSN) framework as a place for public sector organisations to procurement both PSN and non-PSN compliant communications services.

According the PSNGB, the trade industry association for suppliers on the frameworks, Network Services is set to offer flexibility not seen before and “a better route for most procurement.”

The organisation has welcomed the decision to extend the submission deadline until the 11th December.

“The challenge of pushing boundaries with procurements is that the inclusion of new ways of evaluating, increasing the spread to wider supplier base, inclusion of a new type of customer plus the growing diversity and integration of solutions means that an extraordinary number of questions and clarifications are raised,” claimed PSNGB Director Neil Mellor.

“The current procurement law protects, but also obstructs the smooth flow of information between the procurement body and potential suppliers meaning that bottlenecks are caused. This seems to be the case with the Network Services Framework,” he added.

Further Problems Down The Road

Mellor has also claimed the new framework “pushes the boundaries of ICT procurement” and the extension for potential suppliers shows that CCS recognises they need adequate time to reflect on any changes to their bids that clarifications expose.

However, the trade association thinks further problems will arise from trying to assess the responses within the timescale set in order to have a working framework in place by April 2015.


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