CCS And Microsoft XP Support Deal Finalised

Apr 03, 2014

An XP support deal for the wider public sector has been agreed between the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and IT giant Microsoft.

Last week, it was reported such an arrangement was in the process of being made, ahead of the end of support deadline for the 13-year-old Windows XP OS.

Just six days before the April 8th deadline, public services including local government, the NHS, police, emergency services and central government have been given a lifeline that will see their support extended until April 2015.

The Microsoft/Government Procurement Service (GPS) contract is estimated to cost £5m, but CCS claims that the new deal is a success story and believes the potential savings could be £20m.

“By combining demand, on behalf of central government departments and the wider public sector, CCS has demonstrated the benefits of government working as a single customer to achieve best value for the taxpayer, while continuing to build good working relationships with our technology suppliers,” claimed Rob Wilmot, CCS representative for software.

It is believed the deal with be of most advantage to the educational sector as it is the furthest away from migrating away from the OS. Meanwhile, the NHS transfer process is said to have seen complication, but central government has already started the move.

Microsoft Stills Wants A Move Away From XP

Despite this, Microsoft says it is still urging organisations to move off Windows XP as soon as possible.

It claimed that other governments around the world should use the UK as an example for negotiating similar support agreements.




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