CAST Develops “Easier” And “More Customisable” Software Management

Oct 16, 2014

Software analysis and measurement firm CAST claims its update to its Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) will make IT organisations software measuring more automated, informative and customisable.

According to the firm, AIP 7.3 introduces a number of ease of use enhancements to its Application Analytics Dashboard (AAD) that aim to allow CIOs and product managers to discover actionable insights faster and more easily.

CAST’s improvements include new ways to filter and a new view of quality measures from multiple software releases, claiming this expands an organisation’s ability to quickly zoom in on relevant issues and pinpoint specific changes between application versions.

The company has also added a user management function that enables administrators to allocate distinct access rights and development teams to focus on what is important to them.

“Analytics have become an invaluable tool for IT organisations to succeed, but many IT executives don’t know how to make the business case and instead opt for simple skunk-works metrics that are less accurate and more expensive,” claimed CAST vice president of strategy and market development Lev Lesokhin.

“This release of AIP is poised to make high-quality software metrics more integrated through our new API, less complex to set-up and customise and easier than ever to automate.

“AIP 7.3 is a vital tool for application owners and vice presidents of development that want to turn their development team into an engine for innovation rather than a bug-tracking maintenance crew,” he added.

Integration And Automation Among Benefits

By expanding its API capabilities, CAST has been able to allow organisation’s the ability to integrate actions plans made within the platform directly onto third-party dashboards.

When quality checks run during the software development lifecycle, identified violations can be automatically added to a business’ bug-tracking software.

The firm claims this automation allows IT teams to focus on innovation rather than spending all their time on fixing bugs.


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