Case Study: Yorkshire Building Society Helping Users With 'IT Vending Machines'

Mar 07, 2016

To help maintain the productivity of its 4,500 colleagues, Yorkshire Building Society's IT team need to ensure workplace devices are fixed or replaced as quickly as possible.

For every faulty peripheral device, after all, users have to call the service desk to raise a ticket, which was time-consuming and often resulted in disruption.

The answer: an innovative self-service initiative with help from its workplace managed services partner Computacenter.

As part of a pilot at its four main office sites, the Building Society's staff will be able to source replacement peripheral devices from personalised IT vending machines.

These devices will be stocked with a selection of frequently used accessories such as headsets, chargers and mice. Access to equipment is via their existing employee ID cards, which enables a transactional audit trail and facilitates re-stocking process.

Commenting on the success of the idea, Andy McCleod, Head of IT Service Delivery, Yorkshire Building Society Group, says, "“Computacenter has helped us take our first step towards self-service support with the vending machine initiative.” 

Minimise Support Calls

By offering colleagues a self-service support option, McCleaod and the rest of the internal IT function at the Society say they hope to reduce the impact of IT issues on productivity, as instant access to replacement devices is expected to decrease user downtime and increase user satisfaction and the machines will also help minimise support calls and costs by cutting reliance on the service desk.

Finally, each machine is branded to become an easily identifiable illustration of innovation from IT. 

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