Cardiff Council Moves To The Cloud

May 06, 2015

Cardiff City Council has begun its digital transformation project which involves moving its IT systems to the cloud to deliver better services and reduce long-term costs.

The local authority has partnered with software and tech solutions provider SAP to complete the project.

The company will deliver SAP Cloud to Cardiff to support the council’s 15,000 strong workforce across almost all functions and completely modernise the IT infrastructure.

“The public service mandate of ‘do more with less’ is not going away, but for us, it’s an opportunity to bring our thriving city into the digital age in a way that will bring us long-term financial savings,” claimed senior enterprise architect at Cardiff Council Ross Maude.

“The services we provide are important for everyone from the elderly, to university students and public sector workers, and ensuring we’re still able to maintain the level and quality of service we have today despite our financial pressure is crucial,” he added.  

Cardiff’s legacy on premise IT system does not allow for collaboration across local authority services and functions, which leads to inefficiencies and duplications.

According to SAP, it was able to help the council to identify the factors that would generate cost efficiencies, improve integration and deliver better services to residents and partners including online access and greater flexibility.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

By using the cloud, the local authority hopes to build a digital self-service portal that will allow residents to interact online rather than in person reduce administration costs.

It is also designed to appeal to the younger population in the city, ease adoption, meet local government directives and improve customer satisfaction.

The cloud self-service portal will integrate into the CRM system and backend platforms, allowing for a consistent view of the customer journey between channels, reducing call handling times.

“Our relationship with SAP means that together we’re able to implement an integrated cloud-based solution that brings all of our systems together allows us to focus on the growing needs of Cardiff residents,” claimed Maude.

SAP expects to complete a full and successful rollout by 2018.


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