Camden And Islington To Adopt Mobile Patient Management

Apr 29, 2015

Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust has selected a solution that will allow it to adopt mobile electronic patient management.

The Trust is set to go live with Advanced Health and Care’s Carenotes on 7th September 2015 as part of its drive to achieve and integrated and interoperated Electronic Patient Record (EPR) solution across all clinical and social care pathways.  

The organisation hopes this procurement will allow clinical staff to gain patients’ records at the point of care through an agile working programme, enabling them to securely obtain and view clinical patient information.

“With the Carenotes solution we are looking forward to helping our clinicians from all specialities and disciplines share information more effectively,” claimed associate director of ICT at Camden and Islington David Jackland.

“Our staff will be able to work together better with the share goal of improving the health outcomes of our patients.

“We are just at the start of an exciting journey with Advanced. Working in partnership enables us to take significant steps towards becoming a paper light organisation and fulfil the Trust’s longer term ambition,” he added.

“Best Value”

Carenotes is a next generation electronic patient management solution with integrated mobile functionality.

Camden and Islington selected the product after a formal tendering process using the Clinical Information Systems (CIS) Consortium which is used by members Trust to secure new EPR solutions.

The Trust says it selected Advanced because it provided the best value in addition to alignment of critical success factors and priorities outlined by the Trust.


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