Cabinet Office Minister Stresses Importance Of Digital Technology In Government

Mar 03, 2014

Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office, has claimed that digital technology is a “crucial” tool for reforming government services.

“In the UK, public sector reform has been an immediate response to the urgent need to reduce the national deficit,” he said, speaking early last month at the GITEX event in Dubai.

“But there is a greater prize at stake – the opportunity to create 21st century services: cost-effective and sustainable for the future, but also faster and more responsive to people’s needs.

“Around the world, governments are facing similar challenges: squeezed budgets, rising expectations, low growth. So we need a new paradigm for government services. One that delivers better services focused on user needs, at much lower cost in a way that supports economic growth,” he added.

Maude also suggested transparency and open data were essential to bring about continuous improvement, but not without adding this can be uncomfortable at times as these methods allow taxpayers to see exactly how their money is spent and exposes any waste.

However, he claimed this discomfort is effective as it creates accountability. Combined with what he calls ever increasing technological capability, this will create much more efficient governments.

Besides this, the Cabinet Office Minister believes open data is “raw material for economic growth,” with the ability to support the creation of new markets, businesses and jobs.

He went on to say that if a service can be delivered online, then it should be delivered only online – allegedly making them simpler, clearer and fast, as well as designed around the needs of the use.

Last week the government announced it would invest millions in projects that make open data available on a much wider basis.




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