Buckinghamshire NHS Selects Mobile Working Solution

Apr 10, 2015

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust is implementing a new mobile working solution to help improve the efficiency and quality of patient care in the community.

The Trust is working with telecoms giant Vodafone, which is supplying its mobile technology to be used by 400 community nursing staff to visit more patients every week across all seven localities in the county.

The solution will integrate with Buckinghamshire’s RiO patient record system and includes Vodafone’s total mobility platform and a TotalMobile working solution.

It aims to enable community teams to securely access and update patient information, review policies and examine critical data from their mobile devices while in the field.

The programme is also intended to give staff the ability to make informed decisions in real time and talk patients through treatment plans and equipment using visual aids on their mobile devices.

Mobile working will also eliminate the need for Trust employees to travel to and from the office to access daily rotas and update patient records between appointments and allowing them to make up to two additional patient visits each day.

“While increasing efficiency is important, allowing our nurses to give the best possible patient care is our focus,” claimed Graham Softley, associate IT director for the NHS Trust.

“Vodafone’s software solution has enabled us to provide a reliable, secure system to support our community staff.

“Regardless of their technical ability or knowledge, they are now able to access key information whilst visiting patients in the community or their own homes,” Softley added.

Government Funding Received

The Vodafone partnership with TotalMobile at Trust is being funded by a grant from the Nursing Technology fund, which is designed to support nurses, midwives and health visitors to make use of digital technology in all care settings, leading to saver, more effective and more efficient care.

“As well as allowing us to create a more sustainable, paper-free system, this technology is supporting a closer working relationship between our teams in the community and those working at our hospitals,” claimed Buckinghamshire’s chief nurse and director of patient care standards Carolyn Morrice.

“We strive to provide safe and compassionate care every time for our patients and we believe that this investment will help us to achieve that goal,” she added.

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