BT Creating More Than 1000 IT And Technology Apprenticeship

Mar 04, 2014

More than 1000 apprenticeship and graduate jobs in IT, technology, research and engineering are being made by UK telecoms giant BT.

At the end of last month, the company announced it will be searching for around 300 top graduates looking to build a career in the IT and telecoms sector, while some 730 school and college leavers will be able to join the firm as an apprentice.

A new digital media technology apprenticeship has also been created: BT claims this will give new recruits experience in web development, digital networks, digital TV and digital media distribution.

The news arrived just before the 3-7th March National Apprenticeship Week, with business secretary Vince Cable welcoming the move and calling it a “great start” to the five days.

“It’s good news that BT is delivering even more high quality apprenticeships and graduate jobs. Hundred more people will now be able to get the skills they need to get on and help support sustainable economic growth,” he said.

BT too recognises the valuable role the government says apprentices can play in a company, with Gavin Patterson, chief executive, claiming they will develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.

“Apprenticeships really deliver for our business. Hiring apprentices really helps [us] grow our own talent,” said Patterson.

“For the apprentices, an apprenticeship is the way for them to earn while they learn in a real job, gaining a real qualification and a real future,” he added.

Yesterday, the government released figures that revealed nearly half of IT and telecoms firms plan to take on apprentices within the next five years.  




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