BSI Publishes New Smart Cities Guidance

Nov 13, 2014

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has published two documents in support of the government’s smart cities standardisation strategy.

Under this plan, Whitehall is aiming for the UK to lead the smart city standards agenda by providing the benchmark towards formal standardisation work in the global arena.

The BIS documents, PAS 182 – Smart city concept model – Guide to establishing a model for data interoperability and PD8101 Smart cities- Guide to the role of the planning and development process, where sponsored by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

According to BSI, as cities grow larger, so does the need for a smart city infrastructure to deal with this.

The organisation claims that by enabling existing data and resources in a city to be shared effectively, a longer term vision of city planning and development can be taken.

In order to achieve this, it says, cities need agreements between organisations regarding data handling and technical infrastructure.

BSI claims this will all information generated in a city to be directed and utilised to support borty day-to-day management of the city and long-term plans.

“Standards Needed”

“Smart cities need standards. The UK leads the world in shaping business standards,” claimed Scott Steedman, director of standards at BSI.

“If we are to make the most of the global opportunities from smart cities, we need to work fast to structure the knowledge that can help city leaders, communities, innovators and technology providers recognise what good looks like and how these concepts can bring benefits for all.

“These latest pieces of guidance will facilitate the work we are doing within this arena. I’m delighted that the UK is the first country to publish a set of standards that will help us navigate the governance and leadership challenges that smart technologies bring for cities everywhere,” he added.


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