BBC Launches Kid’s Content For New IT Curriculum

Sep 01, 2014

The BBC has launched a new series of educational content designed to support the new IT and computing curriculum.

From September 2014, schools in England are required to teach students skills such as coding, computer science and digital literacy.

In aid of this, BBC Children’s and BBC Learning are offering educational content across Bitesize, CBBC and CBeebies that aims to encourage children to get involved with computing and coding.

The new resources include things such as television series, games and competitions.

The announcement forms part of the BBC’s coding and digital creativity initiative for 2015 – a plan to inspire a new generation to get creative with coding, programming and digital technology.

The Broadcaster claims it now supplies “media-rich” computer science content through its revision website Bitesize, such as curriculum-mapped guides that use animation, graphics, video and interactive games.

“Children Already Interested In Technology”

“We know that many children are genuinely interested in technology and we want to play our part in inspiring and empowering them to pursue their passions and to find out even more,” claimed Sinead Rocks, acting head of BBC Learning.

“Our new education resources are designed to give a hands-on approach through a range of great animation, video and interactive games that we hope will really engage and entertain while also enabling our audiences to develop key digital skills,” she added.

Topics that are explored in the BBC’s new content include the way digital innovations may affect the future, apps, games, 3D printing, movie special effects, virtual reality, the Internet and coding.

“It’s really important that BBC Children’s is at the forefront of digital creativity, because for millions of children CBeebies and CBBC are their first port of call for facts, information and inspiration,” claimed Joe Godwin, director of BBC Children’s.


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