Barclays Becomes First To Offer Face-to-Face Video Banking

Dec 02, 2014

Barclays has become the first bank in the UK to offer a new, secure face-to-face video banking service allowing customers to bank wherever they are.

In addition to the bank’s existing in branch, mobile, telephone and social media services, its customers will now be offered the chance to video call a member of staff via their smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Barclays claims this will offer its users a 24/7, round-the-clock face-to-face banking services for the very first time.

“This is a watershed moment for the way people do their banking in the UK – where we will finally be able to interact with customers completely on their terms, rather than ours,” claimed the bank’s CEO Steven Cooper.

“While many of our customers are increasingly using digital channels to complete routine transactions, for the important moments, you just can’t beat face-to-face conversations, yet traditional branch opening hours don’t always give customers that choice.

“In addition to the availability of our staff in branches, over the phone or online, we are combining our dedicated staff with digital technology to bring this facility to customers wherever they are at a time they choose – putting them in control of when and where they want to do their banking,” he added.

Gradual Rollout To All Barclays Customers

The service will be available from 8th December to Barclays Premier customers and rolled out to mortgage, business and wealth customers from early 2015.

Afterwards, it will be made available to all retail customers and automatically match customers to a member of staff they have spoken to before if possible.

According to Barclays, Barclays Video Banking will add to the success of installing video technology in a number of its branches.

For example, the banking firm has implemented its Sign Video programme, which allows customers who use British Sign Language to speak through an interpreter via video for their convenience whereas previously, they would have had to wait a number of weeks to receive a special interpreter appointment.


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