Aylesbury Set To Modernise Approach To ITSM

Mar 04, 2015

Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) has deployed a new solution it hopes will allow it to modernise and simplify its approach to IT service management (ITSM.)

The local authority is using Hornbill Service Manager, a collaborative service management application, to support new working practices that simplify and optimise IT service delivery.

The cloud based services gives the council full management capabilities, allowing it to significantly reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs to support its staff.

The cloud elements of the service means that it was up and running and providing benefits for staff within days of being implemented.

“Our switch to Hornbill Service Manager gives us the ability to modernise our ITSM operations and adopt a fresh approach that blends most effectively principles from traditional best practice, with innovative collaborative technologies,” claimed IT service delivery manager at AVDC Adam Haylock.

“With [the solution] we can enhance the capabilities of our previous, on-premise Hornbill solution, while improving flexibility and reducing costs and complexity of on-site infrastructure, management and software upgrades.

“Removing the need for servers, SQL licenses and backup costs has already made the project cost neutral and we will see further savings in staff time as the project continues,” he added.

Fast Innovation

AVDC claims that innovations like progressive capture allow it to secure the right data on customer issues during call creation and its business process capabilities ensure correct procedures are followed.

The local authority also welcomes the Service Desk team’s ability to work collaboratively and the secure and expert help and assistance it has to resolves issues more quickly.

The migration from the Hornbill on premise solution into the cloud took just 30 days.

“It there was a better product we would have considered it, but Hornbill Service Manager was already the complete package,” claimed Haylock.

“It has already offered clear benefits in ease of use, functionality and cost, with more to come. We are hoping to make greater use of the collaborative features of the underlying Hornbill platform and open up use to end-user customers as well as the service team,” he added.

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