ADLV And DVLA Team Up For Real-Time Driving Licence Data

Oct 23, 2014

The Association for Driving Licence Verification (ADLV), a recently launched organisation to encourage best practice in the industry, has announced it is working closely with the DVLA.

It hopes the partnership with the government agency will help it develop a new digital service for fleet customers to check driving licence data in real-time.

The programme will allow ADLV members and other organisations meeting DVLA requirements to sign up and perform a 24/7 real-time licence check for the first time.

The organisation also claims the system will also enable faster batch processing of licence data.

Old System To Be Replaced

The service is intended to eventually replace the DVLA’s current Electronic Driver Entitlement Checking Service (EDECS) system, which is currently used by ADLV members to provide secure driver licence information to many UK fleet operators of all sizes across the UK industry.

The Association notes that despite the eventual replacement, fleet users will continue to have access to comprehensive management reporting on driver checks using the services of Approved Operators.

“By working closely with the DVLA on this new platform, ADLV members can deliver 24/7 real-time checking and faster batch processing for fleet users,” claimed the firm’s technical director Kevin Curtis.

“This will be a major advance over the current service and as such the new system will re-define best practice across the sector,” he added.

The service is scheduled to launch in early 2015 as it is currently nearing completion.

“The formation of ADLV means that we are able to work with the DVLA on many different fronts ensuring best practice and compliance for our members,” claimed founding member Eddie Eusebi.


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