Tender For G-Cloud 5 Published

Feb 28, 2014

A tender for the fifth version of the G-Cloud procurement framework was published yesterday in the Official Journal of the European Union.

The contract is divided into four lots and suppliers can choose to bid for all or any of these.

According to the notice, lot one is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), the second is Platform as a Service (PaaS), with the final two covering Software as a Service (SaaS) and Specialist Cloud Services respectively.

It notes IaaS provides customers with processing, networks, storage and other fundamental computing resources, while PaaS allows customers to install applications they have bought or made onto cloud infrastructure.

SaaS gives public sector buyers the capacity to access applications from a supplier that run on cloud infrastructure via a web browser or programme interface.

The final lot for “Specialist Cloud Services” is lot broader. It includes, but isn’t limited to:

·         business analysis for cloud related services

·         design and development

·         project specification and selection

·         deployment

·         user management

·         service integration and management services

·         information management and digital continuity.

Each version of G-Cloud runs for a 12-month period, meaning suppliers listed in the CloudStore catalogue must join the new structure if they wish for their services to remain available.

The tender estimates the value of the framework, which is open to all public sector bodies, to be around £200m. The number of companies participating in the programme is limited at 999.

The most recently published figure puts the total amount of sales through G-Cloud since its beginning in 2012 at £93m.  

This follows news earlier this month that the structure is to be rebranded to the Government Digital Marketplace.

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