“Economy-Boosting” Digital Catapult Centre Launched

Oct 01, 2014

November 5th 2014 will see the launch of the Digital Catapult Centre, a hub intended to increase and advance digital ideas in the UK.

The Centre is set to become the cornerstone of the Connected Digital Economy Catapult – one of a number of “Catapults” bodies which are intended to drive innovation in the country.

According to the organisation, with the help of the new hub, new collaborations between business, universities and other digital stakeholders will be convened.

The Digital Catapult is also intending to unlock major challenges in the data value change and help small data innovators to accelerate new ideas to market.

“When trying to address major challenges, for example the Internet of Things in healthcare, businesses reach a point where they need help to cross some ‘chasms’ on the way to bringing their products or services to market,” claimed Neil Crockett, CEO of the Catapult.

“It’s at this point the Digital Catapult Centre will play a part. The UK is full of Universities and Clusters where people think of great ideas and are given support. We want to complement that.

“We’ll bring people together in collaborative development projects to unlock four challenges in the data value chain in order to accelerate digital innovators to market,” he added.

SMEs, Entrepreneurs And Others Set To Benefit

The Centre, located in King’s Cross, will provide entrepreneurs, SMEs, researchers and corporate organisations with a space to meet and collaborate on development projects.

The focus will be on addressing challenges such as creating trust in use of personal data, the Internet of Things, linking data innovators to next generation connectivity and building diverse data and content sets.

The Connected Digital Economy Catapult predicts that by 2018, its Centre will have made a difference to 10,000 UK organisations and generated £365m of linked economic value.

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