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Time For A New Voice For The UK IT Sector

May 19, 2014

Best Practice.


Using technology to help our complex society meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Phrases you probably aren't used to seeing in connection with reportage of public sector ICT.

That's because you are more used to lines like:

Failed government IT project.

Wasted money.

[Fill in the blank part of the public sector] has failed to take advantage of [technology x, y or z]

We're not saying those phrases get used wrongly. We all know there have been some very bad years for public sector use of tech, as well as fiasco projects.

But here at, your new voice for the public sector ICT community, we think we need a bit more of the first set.

Because UK Plc, when it gets it right, is actually setting the standard for effective use of digital tech - in healthcare, local and central government, social care and many other areas, too.

And it's a high standard. Quite rightly, as it's for an important customer:

You, me and our families and communities.

That's why here at, you can expect coverage that doesn't skirt the negatives but which will definitely mark the real achievements of our sector

Gary Flood

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